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Why Choose
Tahir Surgical Clinic


Surgical Excellence

Surgical excellence is the foundation of Tahir Surgical Clinic. Dr. Zubair Tahir is an American Board of Surgery Certified Surgeon in Mesa, AZ who has dedicated his entire professional career to providing patients with the most advanced surgical treatments available for a wide range of conditions.

S Zubair Tahir - MD - Tahir Surgical Clinic

Experienced Board-Certified Surgeon

Dr. Tahir has been practicing for over 40 years and still commits to improving every day.

Clinic Availability

Tahir Surgical Clinic is here for you when you need us most!

Most patients are seen within 72 hours, oftentimes even quicker. In addition, Dr. Tahir is available after hours to urgent new and established patients. He is known to treat urgent hemorrhoids on weekends.

Outstanding Patient Care

Our friendly staff is here to make you feel comfortable and at ease every step of the way.

From the moment you walk in, you’ll appreciate the warm greeting from our staff who call you by name and treat you like family.

Hemorrhoid Clinic
of Arizona

Hemorrhoids are one of the most common ailments among our adult population. Sadly, many people suffer in silence rather than discuss hemorrhoid treatment with their doctor. This is partially due to conventional hemorrhoid surgeries (hemorrhoidectomies) being extremely painful and requiring long recovery times.

The good news…

For those suffering from hemorrhoids, Dr. Tahir is an expert in performing leading-edge, minimally invasive surgical procedures that eliminate the need for painful hemorrhoidectomies.

While not applicable to all hemorrhoidal complaints, PPH is now considered the primary procedure of choice for treating advanced hemorrhoids in adult patients.

Affordable Treatments & Insurance Flexibility

We provide quality treatment at a reasonable price and accept most insurance providers. We also offer competitive self-pay rates and will work with you if you don’t have insurance.

Top-Rated Surgical Clinic - Arizona Hemorrhoid Doctor

Dr. Tahir is AMAZING! He took care of my husband's double hernia surgery in the same day and had him back to light duty at work (he does warehouse which requires heavy lifting) in 10 days!


He's gotta be on light duty for 4 weeks and then he can return to regular duty. After the surgery my husband was up and walking around with no pain the same day! And in the last 10 days he's had little to no pain while recovering! While, yes, there's been some pain (what surgery comes with none at all, after all?) it was so minimal he had to keep reminding himself not to overdo it! Dr. Tahir is amazing and great at what he does! I'd highly recommend him (and have)!!


Dr Tahir is an excellent surgeon and his staff is very professional and courteous. The office is very clean.


Thank you for the wonderful care I have received over the last four weeks and will continue to receive in the upcoming weeks. Best Dr ever !!


Tahir Surgical Clinic is really fantastic. My first real surgical operation was for a hernia so it was sort of stressful for me.


Everybody there from start to finish I was really professional and quick at getting the entire process completed. I would also like to give a special shout out to Sunny and also to Brittany who are great at following up, getting all the paperwork processed and just plain making a surgery a fairly pleasant experience. Brittany again I just wanted to thank you for putting up with my craziness. I would highly recommend this facility. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Dr. Tahir and his staff truly care for their patients. I had to have my gallbladder removed but I also had a family trip planned.


Dr. Tahir made sure to be able to schedule my surgery immediately to then give me more time to heal for the trip. If you are looking for a doctor that is knowledgeable, professional, experienced and most importantly cares, this is your doctor.


Dr.Tahir is a godsend. He was compassionate, educational, and thorough!


Answered all of my questions, before and after every procedure and my surgery. Even drew pictures so that I could better understand what he was describing!


Unfortunately had to have a thrombosed hemorrhoid taken care of. They got me in very quick and the entire thing took less than an hour.


Staff was nice and the entire experience was enjoyable despite the circumstances. I’m SO GLAD I went here instead of urgent care or the ER!


Dr Tahir and his staff are so very wonderful! They were prompt in getting my surgery scheduled and very helpful!


Dr Tahir himself is a wonderful surgeon. He's so kind and caring! I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone!! I can't speak highly enough about the care and service I received! Thank you so much!!


I’ve had 4 surgeries like this, and this is by far the smoothest it’s ever gone, with minimal discomfort afterwards.


He’s the best I’ve dealt with. I’m a truck driver and went to work the next day , sitting for 11 hours and no real problems at all.


Top-Rated Surgical Clinic in the East Valley

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